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It has been a while since I couldn’t take care of this project. A lot of travel, of personal issues and the lack of motivation to do it all on my own. I believe I made this project too big to start with. Since I started this, I saw some travel festival starting in Belgium, and other website gathering stories. Therefore, I have to take the time to focus again about what this project can look like. This has to be something different, something I can carry with me no matter what happens in my nomal life. My apologies for living this with no updates for a while. It has been great to see motivation from other people that I never met. If you guys have ideas about how to improve this, do not hesitate to share those! It would be great to work on something fresh.
For now, the website will not be updated for a while. I still keep my travel adventures on my personal blog though: http://mcdamman.wordpress.com/ feel free to check it out.
In the meantime, enjoy your travel, share your happiness and your travel tips, your life is great!


First Exploration is a new blog about backpackers who tell their stories through photos, articles, videos and so more. We wish to collect a lot of stories and to gather many people who like to share their experiences. In long term, we’d like to organize multicultural events in the French area of Belgium such as international buffet, photo exhibition and so more. The events will go to meet people who don’t dare yet to make the first step to the unknown.

First Exploration aims to open people’s minds to different societies. Through the events, people will be able to meet travelers, to share their fear, their experiences and to show locals what you can learn with different cultures.

If you like the idea of the project, please spread the word! First Exploration is constantly looking for people with different cultures and skills. You can also send your stories from any support at FirstExplorationMag@gmail.com

The organization also needs people to work on the website, the graphism, sponsors and so on. So even if you don’t travel so much but have some time to spend with us, please let me know as well, everyone would be needed!


A propos

Bienvenus sur First Exploration, un nouveau blog sur les voyageurs qui désirent partager leurs expériences avec leurs photos, sons, videos et/ou articles. Nous désirons rassembler un maximum de récits, et de réunir des personnes de différents horizons. Sur le long terme, nous allons organiser des événements multiculturels en Wallonie, comme des buffets internationaux, des expos photos et bien plus.

First Exploration a pour but d’ouvrir les esprits sur les différentes sociétés. A travers le festival, nous voulons amener le voyage à ceux qui n’osent pas faire le premier pas vers l’aventure. Cet événement annuel sera l’occasion de rencontrer ceux qui ont voyagé, pour faire part de ses doutes, mais aussi de partager des expériences de voyage.

Si le projet t’intéresse, parle en autour de toi! First Exploration recherche toujours beaucoup de personnes de cultures et de compétences différentes. Tu peux aussi envoyer tes récits à partir de n’importe quel support à FirstExplorationMag@gmail.com

L’organisation a aussi besoin de personnes pour travailler depuis chez soi, comme pour le site web, le graphisme, les sponsors, etc. Même si tu ne voyages pas beaucoup, mais que tu désires passer du temps avec nous, n’hésites pas à nous écrire à l’adresse email ci-dessus. Nous avons besoin de tout le monde!


2 thoughts on “About / A propos”

  1. I really love the idea! Good Job. I have been.backpacking and been on Exchange myself so I could absolutely share a story if you would like me to. Have a good one from Cambodia and the locals 🙂 / josefin from Sweden


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