Marie Damman
Marie Damman

This is one of the most famous flower parks. It is open only two months a year, between March 20th and Mai 17 for this year, 2015. Located in the Netherlands, you can enjoy fields of tulips in Keukenhof.

The gardeners made shapes with those flowers, they arrange the colors altogether, to make the journey through those enchanting. Of course, it is way much better to do it under a sunny weather, but even with the rain we had, I enjoyed it much, and we could make a lot of photos.

Strangely, the prices are okay though it is a touristic place where you hear a lot of Russians. At the souvenir shop, you can get bulbs, postcard and specific items from the Netherlands. Like the food, all prices are okay for such a beautiful place

The entrance though it’s a bit expensive, 6 euros for the parking, and 16 euros each, no discount for students, nor for seniors.

On the other hand, they also manage a lot of buses from Amsterdam, so you can easily make a weekend trip there and spend an afternoon at the Keukenhof Park.

Anyway, I think it worth to go there, it smells good, it looks amazing and you can enjoy a lot of fantasy atmosphere in the greenhouses. If your schedule it to tight to go this year, think about it for the following one, it worth it.