If I learn what I love from my dreams, its GEORGIA!

maggie-wong-msolo-travel-_Georgia-tour-1This is part of an article firstly posted on Maggie’s blog. Follow her trip on her website, M’Solo travel.

I was struggling between two post topics “Georgia in the eyes of a Hong Kong girl” or the one I used now, finally I picked it because literally it shows how much I like this country and, it sounds sexier, isn’t it? I expected a little bit explanation is needed though. 

I dreamed of myself being in Georgia for some 8 consecutive nights since I left the country to home on 21st Oct. I have no idea how could I miss this piece of land so bad as that was already the 5th time I experienced the sadness of leaving this lovely country. (Um… I thought I could manage it but it turned out I couldn’t!) It was 2012 the first time I visited Georgia, the mind blowing experience has been remarkably staying in my head so far.

My HK friends always put me questions like “Why Georgia?” “ What to see /do there?”  “Only wine?” (because all of my friends know I am addicted to the Georgian wine :p ). Well, its understandable, some of them can’t point Georgia on a map or even can’t speak its name in Chinese correctly, may be it is still too exotic to majority of the HK peeps.

I have to confess that I am kind of ‘love it to the extreme’ and ‘exotic’ person. I even took pictures of myself in bridal gown in Tbilisi so that I can remember this beautiful place with the beautiful me! 

Who doesn’t know the best thing in life is to share what you love? Thats why I go back to this country again and again, I explore, I observe, I feel, I record and I share, as the passion of my life.  Here below a tiny piece about what touched me so much in Georgia.

By Maggie Wong, from Hong Kong


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