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My Trip to Brussels!

My journey to Belgium was pretty amazing. My friend Marie and her lovely family hosted me for 4 days, and they were 4 amazing days.

Their house was located on in a small town of Belgium called Nivelles. The first day of my stay, I walked around this small, but magical little city. It has its own cathedral and people seem to be really friendly there. On that same day, I just stood in Nivelles, relaxing a bit from my flight and getting to know Marie’s family and house (both amazing xD).Just one more thing: Marie’s grandmother rocks! We went to visit her to an elder residence and talked in Portuguese between us, most of the time. It was amazing the amount of words and expressions she could recall. Later, at dinner, at 7.00P.M, (which was a really awkward thing for me, because of the time being too soon), we talked about the culture in Belgium, their typical food, their daily lives, and most of the conversation in French!! (yes, I’m learning how to speak fluent French, and I guess the conversation went really well ahahah). Did you know Belgium has 3 official languages?! Crazy,right? French, German and Dutch (before I left Belgium I bought a Dutch book just to practice some Dutch vocabulary!). Other thing that I noticed in my stay in Belgium was that they separate the bathroom in, let me call it, “two pieces”. The part of the toilet is separated from the shower zone. I thought that was really interesting. And the other thing was: oeuf à la coque! It’s so delicious! I have never tried to eat an egg like that! Well, in general, Belgian food is just wow! The Meatbread dish is amazing and the waffles, OMG. Let’s just not forget about the beers. I’m not a really appreciator of beers, but the one that I tasted wasn’t bad at all, even though I didn’t finished it.

Well, back to business. On the second day, I’ve visited the “Cinquentenaire”, a really beautiful arch, which was built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the independence of Belgium. Then, we went to AutoWorld Museum, a really huge museum that holds a large and varied collection of 350 vintage European and American automobiles from the late 19th century until the seventies. I had also I great time there. We took a lot of great photos! After our visit to the museum, we went to a very renowned coffee where I asked for an apple pie and of course: Hot Belgian Chocolate. I still can’t forget that moment. <3. It was getting late, so we went back home. In the time I was at home, I tried to refine my French. I’d talk about my day with my Belgian family; watch the news and read books or dictionaries (and write down the words or expressions that I didn’t know). I was doing this every night, while being there.

The third day was the big day! I went to discover the center of the city of Brussels by subway and walking around. I could say that I visited a lot: Grand Place, or in Flemish, the Grote Markt, Manneken Pis (the boy who pies) and Jeanneke Pis(the girl who pies), Place Royale, Mont des Arts, Town Hall, the famous Delirium Tremens Bar, Chocopolis (chocolate and more chocolate!), City Museum or Maison du Roi in french, Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert and many more things. Just forgot about some parts like Atomium, the Mini-Europe, so in the future I’ll be travelling again to Brussels to complete my visit.

Day number 4: the hardest part. Leaving. I had spent great days with Marie and her family and it was hard to leave.

So, I strongly recommend everyone to visit Brussels! Is a beautiful city, with great food and amazing people!

Vive la Belgique! Vive Brussels!

By Nicole Pereira Brito, from Portugal