F.A.Q. (English)

How to publish stories?

Many people share their travel stories here on the blog, in French or in English. So why not you too? It would easier for rookies to find all the personal experience in one platform so they can make their mind to go on the road too.

To send your story, it is really easy. Follow these 3 steps.

  1. First, have a story. It can be a text, photos, a video, a drawing, a comic, anything you would like to share with the travel community and that it is possible to published online.
  2. Send it to FirstExplorationMag@gmail.com Please note that your video has to be a Youtube link and the photos have to be in JPeG format. Don’t forget to write a subject either, it’s always nice to see something showing up.
  3. Sign the email with your name, last name, country of origin, blog if you have one and any social network you would like to be linked to.

From there, we will take care of its publication. If it is doesn’t fit the website, we will let you know as well. Sometimes, it is only because it would find a better place in the print edition which is not available yet.

Thank you for sharing and enjoy traveling !

When is the print edition going to be out? When will be the first edition of the festival?

First Exploration is still making a team for the blog part. Once we get enough readers here and bigger team to take care of different approaches of the project, we can move on with the print edition and the festival. It is surely not going to happen the first year (2015-2016), but we hope to make a big team soon so we can make the print edition as well as the festival. You want to be part of it? Please send an email to FirstExplorationMag@gmail.com Any help will be really appreciated. You can check the Mag page for more information about it.

What kind of people are you looking for to help you with the project?

First Exploration is still looking for people for those tasks :

  • Gathers stories in English
  • Correct the spelling and grammar of those stories
  • Make the promotion through social network, especially in LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Look for sponsorship
  • Finance skills, to share a budget
  • Got started with the festival edition
  • Design skills to make the magazine layout
  • Web skills, to improve the website

If you want to help for one of those tasks, or if you want to help with something else you have in mind, please send an email to FirstExplorationMag@gmail.com

 When did you get started?

The project was born during the summer of 2015, in Belgium. Since then, the project is growing fast!


Who created the project?

It came from the idea of Marie, you can read more about her here.






Le média du voyage / The travel media

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