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Ride in West MacDonnell Ranges, Australia

This story comes from the blog of Laetitia: Cycling, a taste of Freedom.

Back on the road, open to the world, contacted with the wonders of nature. see the beautiful colours as the sun provide us hear the wonderful sounds of nature. Feel the earth that makes us live.

I share few days with Sven who travelling in Australia on a mountain bike mainly on dirt road (his blog : http://www.wtfisalice.de/)

My time in the magnificent gorges reminded me the gap between the Aborigines and White Australians.
I noticed that the aborigines culture is unknown/unheeded/unrecognized by many people, many said me there are no cultures and histories in AustraliaWhile this is completely false, the Aborigines are set aside once Moreover, While these peoples take care of the lands since hundred years and have lots of different languages, stories, knowledge… Obviously the history and culture are more difficulty liveable and understandable for us since they are accessible by a small number of museums and tourists places. We missed this chance when the White people wanted to take control of their territory instead of to respect, to listen and to learn…
The Aborigines peoples don’t share their knowledge with anyone and I can understand because its something from their family, part of their heart, I think its something personal.

I am aware when I walk through the land  that after hundreds of years a rich and strong culture to maintain in each rock, each earth, and each springs. 

 I wish to have the opportunities during my journey to share cultures with aboriginals.

Maybe the people don’t feel the Australian history because it’s not finished?

By Laetitia, from France